Article 1

The Association bears the name "Suzuki Coupé GX Fanclub". It is located at 1112 EC Diemen and keeps the property address on Lijsterbesoord 31. It is mentioned in the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce associations, number 40.536.936


Article 2

1.  The Association aims at promoting the contacts on automobilistisch area between owners, former owners and future owners of automobiles of the type Suzuki SC 100 GX Coupé (to be called the "Coupé"), as well as their family members and/or roommates, all in the broadest sense of the word.
2.  It seeks to achieve this goal, having regard to the provisions of what legal and permitted by law and in particular by:
  a.  the for the benefit of its members assistance with purchase and sale of the Coupé and their parts, without having to be as buying, selling or negotiating party to act;
  b. the provision of advice to its members in respect of maintenance, repair and restoration of the Coupé
  c. the for the benefit of its members organize contact-, information-, film-, course meetings etc., with the Coupé-related;
  d. the issue of a periodical appearing contact institution;
  e. organizing and promoting participation in meetings and events;
  f. working with other associations or organisations having similar or related objective and perform all other acts which with the above related or help;
  g. all other lawful means, which may be beneficial for its target.


Article 3

1.  The Association has ordinary members, family members and honorary members. Where is spoken of in this Statute member or members including - will be considered unless explicitly stated otherwise-shall mean the ordinary members, the members of the family as the honorary members.
2.  Regular members are those who have logged on as a member to the Board by the Board as such and are admitted to the Association. Family members are family members or roommates of ordinary members, who have logged on as a member to the Board and as such are admitted to the Association.
3.  In case of non-admission by the Board to the general meeting of members admission decisions.
4.  Honorary members are those who because of extraordinary merit by the Association on a proposal of the Board are appointed by the general meeting of members as such and who have accepted appointment.

Article 4

1.  Membership is personal and is with the exception of certain in paragraph 2 of this article not for transfer and transition.
2.  If a member are Coupé sells is this no cause for termination of the membership. If required, the buyer can take over its membership, in which the new owner-after payment of the handling fee payable shall be deemed-in the place of the selling Member have entered into force.
3.  The membership ends:
  a. by death of the Member;
  b. by termination by the Member;
  c. by termination by the Association;
  d. by disqualification from membership by the Association.
4.  Termination of membership by the Member may be made only in writing before 30 november of any year, with membership as at 31 December of that year ends.
5.  If cancellation by the Member is not in accordance with paragraph 4 of this article, the Member the membership fee for the following membership year due. membership ends in that case at the end of the next membership year.
6.  Immediate termination of the membership by termination is possible. Then shall-except different Board decision-however not entitled to a refund of already paid dues exist.
7.  Termination of membership by the Association can only take place in the in the law cases and can be processed only in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraphs of this article.


Article 5

1.  Each Member is liable to pay an annual amount of dues, which amount shall be determined annually by the general meeting of members. Unless the General Meeting decides otherwise, are Honorary members of the aforementioned contribution exempt. Board members are - as long as they are in Office-exempt from annual dues.
2.  Membership is on or after 1 September of any year, for the current Association year a reduction of 50% on the year membership fee payable at the same time, the annual membership fee shall be granted if for the next Association's year are met.
3.  New members pay a one-time fee to cover processing costs, which amount shall be determined annually by the general meeting of members.


Article 6

1.  Every year, at least one General meeting (annual meeting) held within three (3) months of the end of the Association's year, subject to extension of this term by the general meeting of members.
2.  All members have access to the general meeting of members, family members and honorary members, the people that make up the organs of the Association, as well as those who to this end by the Board or the general meeting of members are invited.
3.  Eligible to vote in the General Assembly are the ordinary members, the family members and the honorary members. Each of them has one vote. Each voting jurisdiction is voiced by an authorised other voting to do. One can vote for a maximum of two (2) persons as agent action.

Article 7

1.  The Association reserves the right to change content at any time, to add to or remove it from the website.
2.  Of the general meeting of members, be traded minutes kept by the Secretary or by a person designated by the President. These minutes shall be published in the next succeeding appearing bulletin and in the next general membership meeting.


Article 8

1.  Participation in events organised by the Association shall be carried out by registration through registration forms issued for that purpose by the Association, which in the bulletin are published or be sent separately.
2.  In submitting the signed registration form requires the Member to pay the fees due for the relevant event in the manner indicated by the Association.
3.  Unless otherwise decided unanimously by the members of the Board, of receipt of the application form the amount owed by the Member in full and in its entirety.


Article 9

In all cases provided for by law, the statutes or the (administrative) rules do not provide, as well as in cases where parts of the articles of association or the (administrative) rules can be differently interpreted, the Board decided.