Sign up as a new Member?
You can join the SCGXF if you are the owner, or have been by one or more models as listed in our objective. You do not need necessarily to have a Whizzkid (anymore), you can also love the Whizzkid. That's enough!

From the club (Board/Organization) there are, if at all possible, ride out in a meeting, or any other social gathering organized. Sometimes there is a member with a proposal for an event or ride out in his/her neighbourhood. That kind of business, we welcome only.

The membership fee is for now € 25.00 per year. (one-time administration fee € 2,50) If, more or less regulated/organized from the Board and there members join or members go, then the membership fee will be reviewed if it should lowerd or increased. We are pleased to be able to offer you a wonderful website where you can pick up your heart.

Would you sign up as a member (you are than 'friend of the Suzuki Coupé GX Fanclub') then you get a membership card. Complete the sign-up form and make payment to bank account:

ING Bank NV.
IBAN:NL42 INGB 0000 0757 00
T.n.v:Suzuki Coupe GX Fanclub in Diemen

The application form you will find at the bottom of the page. Print the form and fill it in, send it to:

Suzuki Coupe GX Fanclub
t.a.v. Secretary
Lijsterbesoord 31
1112 EG Diemen

Instead of sending you can also fill out the form, scan it and email it to: secretariaat (at)

You'll receive, after payment, you're membershipcard as soon as possible. Please note that we all work full time, so take as soon as possible literally please!

We hope to welcome you very soon!


The forms for registration are no more up to date but are to use. Soonthere will be new ones. Why? See the story below.

The “family member of.....”

In accordance with the articles of Association knows the Suzuki Coupe GX fan club members, if you connect with us as a Club Member, then you are in the possession of a Suzuki Coupé GX. It turned out that there are 'family members' also wanted to join trips, meetings, rides and other gatherings. In the past the family members paid the half to dues, now is that the same as a member, but this may change in the future. A family member can/could also have a Whizzkid! Family members get an addition to the membership number, so 156/1.

The “friend of.....”

When it became apparent that a member had sold his Whizzkid but wanted to stay with us, we had such a cosy Club, we decided in order to create the phenomenon 'Friend'. You then have not a Whizzkid (anymore) but carries the club still. These members hold their own membership number but with a V. So e.g., nr. V85.

The “contibutor.....”

That group of people who do not have and never have had a Whizzkid, but the phenomenon still like it, is what we call a sponsor (think of garages, carpartsshop, importer). The minimum contribution for a sponsor is 10 Euros. A donor, however, has no right to vote at meetings.

Download HERE the registration form.

Download HERE the mutation form.