Evaluation Suzuki SC100

A very happy car at the appraiser, a dwarf car in gorgeous state!
Thanks to Jan and Schilstra and

Blitz property - Suzuki SCX 1000R

Do you know the Suzuki SC100 GX yet?
That extremely small Whizzkid that the Japanese in the early 80 's on the market brought?
Who had a motor of 49 HP and shot so little on.
Titus Koreman and Joop Houben transplanted an engine of a Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle.
He all of a sudden has the access for about 180 HP and hums like a crazy fly through traffic.

Driving lessons

A legendary movie of a legendary duo: De Bie gives van Kooten driving lessons.
Of course it's a bit exaggerated and the text is a bit ordinary.
"And what do you do? Your ring finger up. "
Tip: Especially not do during the practical guidance, but it is still hilarious.
Driving lesson of when there were no traffic jams but Puch's existed.
This is not the method but certainly nice to see.

The history of Suzuki.

The history of Suzuki: Dealer version.

1960's Suzuki Factory Tour.